Meet the Band

Photo by Margaret Belton

Photo by Margaret Belton


Sharon Williams 
Fiddle and backup vocals

Maurice Miles
Drums and backup vocals

Kevin Lofton

Brian Hill
Electric Guitar


Sharon Williams has played classical music for most of her career. Sharon has been (and is currently) a member of what's affectionately known as the "freeway philharmonic."  If you haven't heard of it, it's when musicians play for many regional orchestras in the area. Beyond that, Sharon has extensive experience playing opera and musicals "I really enjoy when music enhances the stories that are told with voice.  This really requires the utmost sensitivity: moving with and anticipating the timing of the singer to create those climactic moments" for the viewer."  Sharon has also performed internationally with The Rome Festival Orchestra and the San Francisco Sinfonietta. 

Maurice Miles: Raised in San Jose, California, Maurice Miles is the heartbeat of Times 4. Maurice combines complex elements of jazz, funk and soul in his playing to create a sophisticated, syncopated backbeat. The desire to lay down the groove called out to Maurice from an early age. Mostly self-taught, Maurice’s deep-pocket groove emanates from a combination of feel and his appreciation of many different styles of music. Maurice has played in a diverse range of musical projects, including the R&B band Protégé, acid jazz group Congo Square, and he has toured and recorded with Kofy Brown. His musical inspirations are Dennis Chambers, Vinnie Colaiuta, Will Kennedy, Billy Cobham and Jack DeJohnette, to name a few.

Kevin Lofton is the root and harmonic foundation of Times 4. A San Jose native, Kevin has been playing bass since his early teens. Listening to everything from gospel to hip-hop to metal and jazz, Kevin strives to bring each of these flavors to the Times 4 table. Career highlights include touring the U.S. and Canada with Protégé, Stevie B, and Jahi and the Life along with drummer Maurice. Their years of musical friendship produce a rhythmic conception and energetic foundation from which Times 4 launches their adventurous improvisations. Kevin’s bass influences include Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Bootsy Collins, Jaco Pastorius, and Stanley Clarke.

Brian Hill (guitar) has been performing rock, jazz and a variety of other styles of music in the SF Bay area and beyond for more than 20 years. Besides the Anita Lofton Project he's currently a member of 4 Now, an original jazz/funk quartet. Brian is also a member of Murray, RJFski and Hill a jazz/groove improv trio which has toured Thailand as performers in the Southern Thailand Jazz and Blues Festival. He was formerly the guitarist with the Kofy Brown Band in which he performed across the U.S and in the Netherlands and played on her CDs "Area 32", "Love Warrior" and "Live in San Francisco - The Mecca Session”.